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Welcome to GeoKrety.org! This service is similar to TravelBug(TM) or GeoLutins and aims at tracking things you put to geocache containers... read more... If you found a GeoKret, enter the tracking code here:
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48713 registered GeoKrets, 23972 GeoKrets hidden 28121 users
57030300 km done by all GeoKrets (it is 148.36 x distance from the Earth to the Moon, 1424.28 x the Earth equatorial circumference and 0.38122 x the distance from the Earth to the Sun).
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New GK map available
Comments (1) - 2014-09-21 (filips)
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en Mathieu, a c:geo contributor (simple yet powerful unofficial geocaching client for Android devices) prepared a site with map of all geokrety: http://geokretymap.org/. BTW: support for GK in c:geo is comming!
New SSL certificates
Comments (1) - 2014-04-09 (filips)
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en We have a new SSL certificates installed on our server, so if you want to use encrypted connection, accetp them permanently in your browser. pl Od dziś mamy nowe certyfikaty SSL na naszym serwerze. Jeśli chcesz używać bezpiecznego (bezpieczniejszego) połączenia to dodaj je na stałe ("potwierdź wyjątek bezpieczeństwa").

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