Normal day Schaf (Sheep)
Info: GeoKret Schaf (Sheep) (Traditional) by medwed
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This little sheep wants to see places, where more of this species live. So it wants to visit Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Den lille sauen ønsker å besøke Norge, Island og Farøyene.

Das kleine Schaf möchte Norwegen, Island und die Färöer besuchen.
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Grabbed from
2008-12-21 16:13 / watervader
I take it from: ik zie ze.. varen (Almere, Nederland).

I wil schow him Island and Greenland this summer.

Grabbed from
2008-11-24 12:00 / rschut
Will see if you can meet some Dutch sheeps as well
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de OC4BA5 Dreimal HOCH (Quiz) 2007-12-18 12:00 / medwed
Now you can start to travel, little sheep.
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