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Comments (11) - 2012-02-05 (simor)
Ta-da! You can now receive notification if any geokret is logged near your home location.
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2012-02-05 16:29
As you see it's not a circular area, but rectangular to make it easier with the calculations :)
2012-02-05 17:12
YES YES YES! Thanks :)
2012-02-05 17:47
Great :-) Where can I configure it?
2012-02-05 18:44
In your account details page of course. -> Home coordinates & observation area
2012-02-05 23:14
Fantastycznie, szkoda że tylko 10km. Przynajmniej za miastem mogłoby być ciut więcej. Ale domyślam się, że to kwestia techniczna. :)
2012-02-06 06:01
Kwestia "wersji testowej" bo ciezko wlasnie sprawdzic czy sie jest w miescie czy poza. A ile by Cie satysfakcjonowalo?
2012-02-06 09:56
Wow thanks. That will make it so much better for active Geokrety-Users. Now I can travel to specific caches to help other Geokrets. Awesome! Have to blog about this.

But can we get at least 20KM? A max. of 10KM is not enough. Thanks.
2012-02-06 20:03
Satysfakcjonowało by mnie 20km, bo to rozsądny, krótki dystans rowerowy (czyli jestem w stanie tyle przebyć bez większego wysiłku). :)
2012-02-06 20:25
Give us some time to see how popular this function is and if it will not overload our email sending routines if we increase the allowed radius.
2012-02-24 19:00
2012-08-20 13:22
I have just 5 caches in 10km radius.. Can be extended?
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